December 2, 2021

Meet George . George is a giraffe, and giraffes have the largest hearts of any animal. Children connect with animals, and studies show that animal therapy can be instrumental in healing many mental as well as physical conditions. Exploring the use of George in wayfinding, storytelling and even a feature film concept, we landed on a video game as a new way to engage patients and tell the story of VCH.

In this hand-drawn 3D game, George must navigate hard levels filled with crystal tunnels, stone-laden passageways, and strange parallel realms while attempting to reconcile the families of two powerful and feuding wizards. Castle on the Coast has included a co-op mode, in which a second player may take on the role of Swirlz, George’s squirrel companion. Swirlz sits in George’s backpack in the game and needs to focus solely on shooting items. The co-op mode was particularly created for Valley Children’s youngsters under the age of six, as well as those who may be disabled and have difficulties manipulating the controller.

“This video game – the first of its kind by a children’s hospital in the country – is another way we can bring some fun into the kids’ lives we see. And now kids around the world who may help George navigate the journey through the Castle on the Coast,” says Todd Suntrapak, President and CEO of Valley Children’s Healthcare.

The game is out now on Nintendo Switch and Steam and will be coming soon to Xbox and Playstation.

Read more on the story here.


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