How was DBA Created? It all started when Campbell Ewald Art Director and Freelancer, Daniel Brian Cobb, turned himself into Daniel Brian and Associates. As associates actually began to join this proto-DBA, it became significant enough to start making presentations to the companies that Daniel Cobb freelanced for.

One of those companies was looking for an agency and had narrowed their options down to DBA and a competitor. Despite some shoddy work previously done for the client while on a project-by-project basis, DBA had a chance at redemption. The client was having a difficult time deciding between agencies, and came to us to ask us what happened with the project that did not go well.

We could have lied or covered for ourselves, but DBA had this value statement:

‘I will never lie to a client, I will never lie for the client’.

So we admitted that we dropped the ball, and had made a bad call.

Our honesty and transparency ended up winning the client over, and we went from doing freelance work to winning a piece of business worth over two million dollars annually.

Written By

Daniel Brian Cobb


Date Published

May 21, 2024

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