2023 Netty Award

Daniel Brian Advertising (DBA) has recently been lauded with the 2023 Netty Award for the social media campaign, 'Chick-Fil-A: A Story of Raving Fans'. This accolade is a testament to DBA's innovative approach in connecting communities and enriching customer experiences through social media.

Chick-fil-A Copley Square

A Campaign That Resonates with Communities

At the heart of DBA's strategy was a deep understanding of community engagement. The campaign was not just about promoting a brand; it was about creating a narrative that resonated with families and communities. By organizing events like 'Daddy Daughter Date Night' and introducing 'Surprise It Forward' gift cards, DBA crafted a unique blend of in-store experiences that went beyond traditional marketing tactics.

The Netty Awards: A Recognition of Digital Ingenuity

The Netty Awards, known for celebrating digital accomplishments across various sectors, recognized DBA's campaign for its creativity, innovation, and technical prowess. This award highlights DBA's ability to leverage digital tools in a way that not only promotes a brand but also fosters genuine connections with its audience.

Center Stage to AdBox: A Platform Evolution

A pivotal element in DBA's strategy was the development of Center Stage, a platform designed to streamline the engagement process for Chick-Fil-A operators. This platform was a game-changer, offering a systematic approach to organizing in-store events and enhancing family connections. The evolution of Center Stage into AdBox marks a significant milestone in digital marketing tools, providing a comprehensive toolkit for franchisees to create memorable customer experiences.

Setting a New Standard in Digital Marketing

DBA's campaign for Chick-Fil-A sets a new benchmark in the digital marketing domain. It's not just about the creative use of social media; it's about how these digital strategies are integrated into the fabric of community and family life. DBA's success with the Chick-Fil-A campaign is a shining example of how digital marketing can be used to build stronger, more meaningful connections with customers.

Looking Ahead

As DBA continues to innovate and lead in the digital advertising space, their work with Chick-Fil-A remains a standout example of how creativity, community engagement, and technical expertise can come together to create something truly remarkable. The journey from Center Stage to AdBox is just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting future in digital marketing.

Written By

Daniel Brian Cobb


Date Published

May 21, 2024

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