Warner Bros


going viral

Our client, Warner Bros., couldn’t gamble on Yogi Bear “going viral” in social media. They needed a solution to sell DVDs in stores and streamed videos on Netflix. So, we looked to moms.


By syndicating digital games and quizzes to mommy bloggers and family movie review portals, DBA invented Hollywood’s first digital content syndication. Of the many influencers in social media, it was the mommy bloggers that drove the most engagement.


Driving back-to-back home video sales records for Yogi Bear, Journey 2 and Harry Potter, digital sales passed theatrical box office results for the first week of the retail release window. Introducing digital analytics to earned media, the DBA dashboard reported results as high as 300 million page views for the worldwide theatrical release of The Hobbit.

In an unexpected turn, Yogi Bear hit No. 1 in retail and digital sales. Following this unanticipated success, Journey 2, Harry Potter, and The Hobbit all continued to hold Warner Bros. in the lead for home video distribution.
To this day, the social influencer and branded content strategy we pioneered is used at both Warner Bros. and now Disney Home Video, as well as our client, Chick-fil-A, among other DBA clients.

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