Get Your Customers To Camp out

Don't sell the chicken, love people

As the fastest-growing Quick Service Restaurant chain among the Top 10, Chick-fil-A passed McDonald’s in average store revenue and "Kid's Meal Appeal." They did it without price promotions, without discounting the chicken, and without doing any business on Sundays.

With the longest lines in fast food, the "Raving Fans" of Chick-fil-A are known to camp out the night before every grand opening.

What caused this sudden rise by a fast food restaurant chain? Our history with Chick-fil-A has proven to us that this chicken store is a leader in gaining Irrational Advocacy because they built emotional engagement beyond the chicken sandwich.

It all started with a single client request: "Don't sell the chicken, love people. The chicken will sell itself."

This was our assignment, and what we literally wrote on the creative brief. From this assignment, a platform for loving people was born.


Building a brand in social media is not about what a brand says, but what it does. So, we worked with Chick-fil-A to do something remarkable. Instead of making kids meal toys that promote the latest Disney movie release, we packed kids meals with object lessons for children.

Take, for example, “Surprise It Forward” gift cards. DBA designed these “toys” to teach respect for elders. An online video about a child giving a Chick-fil-A branded thank you card to an elderly neighbor drove 4.3 million views on Facebook, with some of the most likes of any branded video for the QSR industry that year.

The 13 thousand shares and 58 thousand likes in response to this meme with 4.3 million views placed this meme among the top performing social posts in the fast-food category for the year.

Moms liked and loved the posts, sharing with comments like, "Love it. Thank you for your compassion. And Chick-fil-A, don't forget the chicken."


Discovery starts with understanding consumers. For example, most millennial parents say if they had an extra 15 minutes a day, they would spend that time with family. So, we dreamed with our client and helped Chick-fil-A explore ideas to encourage family time, such as “Daddy-Daughter Date Nights,” "Military Appreciation Nights," "Stuffed Animal Sleepover" and “Family Dinner and a Mystery Nights."

The consumer posts in social media, with their candle-lit tables and fast food adventures, outpaced every other quick service restaurant online.

“Our focus is on providing a remarkable experience that brings families together.” – David Salyers, Marketing Director at Chick-fil-A.

Our efforts were recognized with a Netty Award.

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