Consumers Energy


Sustainable energy

On its journey to becoming a socially responsible brand, Consumers Energy hired DBA to launch a bold campaign focused on sustainable energy. Working hand-in-hand, we co-created a campaign around the measurable vision of "Coal Free by 2040."

Coal Free by 2040

The "uh-oh" moment: Facing potential backlash from displaced coal workers, we needed credible evidence Consumers Energy would protect their jobs.The "ah-ha" moment: After multiple focus groups, proof-point engineering and biometric testing, we learned something we couldn't discover through science alone: The CEO's father had spent his career at Consumers Energy and was her inspiration in becoming an engineer.

Tracking Emotion

Presented in a consumer perception study against other concepts, this one approach scored highest on our proprietary measure:

"Share of Heart"

The results

Passionate fans posted in social media and email:

"Literally crying. It's just so sweet."
"Because of this commercial, I brought the heat down to 65."
"Such moving commercials featuring the company that I am honored to work for."
"Proud to have my children work here some day."
"Fell in love with your commercial and with (the CEO's) dad."

One customer called to ask if the music score of the commercial could be played at her wedding. J.D. Power rating, as well as IPSOS emotion scores, significantly increased following the campaign, specifically tied to recall of the multi-platform digital TV. The most award-winning energy spot in the brand's history, winning three Emmy® Awards — Best Commercial Campaign, Best Director and Best Writer.

Services Completed:



"For context, as executive director of corporate, strategic communication, I had previously hired two separate agencies of record and Daniel Brian Advertising was hands down the most effective, efficient, creative and collaborative partner in the space of brand & reputation management. Their team were excellent strategists, tacticians and consultants. I had extraordinary confidence to put their team at the same table with my CEO and other members of the senior team.

Working together, we were able to effectively communicate and amplify our company’s brand ethos into a compelling brand promise, essentially energizing our internal coworkers into brand advocates and ambassadors. To this day, the journey we took together is one of my highest ranked professional experiences. Most importantly, the results of our work, thinking and deep insights translated into a deeper connection and relationship with our customers, communities and industry."

– Andrew Radvansky,
Executive Director of Corporate, Strategic Communication,
Consumers Energy

Posted at, October 5, 2020


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