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Science is not soft or safe

Not only was UC Health at the center of the cure for polio, but medicine cabinet staple, Benadryl, was invented within their walls as well. Yet somehow, they were struggling to own a leadership position in their market.
At a historical time when science was most in jeopardy of losing its luster, UC Health went all in by choosing SCIENCE as their brand center. In 2022, we debuted "Relentless," the 3rd campaign centered around UC Health's bold In Science Lives Hope brand position.


The campaign boosted off the shoulders of our previous “This is Science” campaign, which offered an eye-opening look at the breakthrough technologies and solutions that often don’t get recognized as science.
After spending over a year educating consumers and the market on what science actually is, we then turned our attention to showing how a combination of passion and breakthrough science differentiates and separates our care.

This is Science

Science is not soft or safe. At UC Health, science takes bold and aggressive steps, so the advertising needed to take bold steps as well. For the University of Cincinnati Cancer Center, we extended the series and reintroduced the iconic cancer bell that most hospitals have, but with new meaning and a relentless hope.

A new energy

From aggressive camera moves, to colorful bursts of animated biology and music that broke the mold of Midwest medical advertising, the UC Health campaign tested off the charts among the patient samples and energized UC Health and its care teams.

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