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The nation’s leading tier one supplier to the automotive industry wanted a website that would harness the magic of the new brand without strapping the internal design team to a technology that would prevent them from keeping up with the pace of innovation.


Historically, hard-coded websites were considered the only option for engineering-driven websites. Although Silicon Valley startups made the transition years ago, it was unexpected for an automotive leader to join the no-code revolution. This is a world where designers and writers would have direct access to the technology that would present the Lear brand to the world.

As proven Elementor/Wordpress developers, DBA Digital had great respect and experience with the power of delivering a client-managed CMS. When the IT department grants direct access to the marketing department for web updates, the messaging moves at the pace of innovation. That appealed to the world’s leader in innovative mobility. However, innovation creates risk, and security is paramount, whenever innovation is involved. This represents a question of trust. So, we sought out a CMS platform that would protect Lear as we innovated. Our requirements included:

  1. Immersive: Innovative and responsive design with fluid motion effects that a WordPress template could not provide.
  2. Quick: Bloated code and slow page loads associated with typical CMS platforms was not deemed acceptable for an international technology brand.
  3. Self-Contained: We would not use third-party plugins, often core to a creative WordPress site.
  4. Uninterrupted: Versioning and security updates needed to happen in real-time, without the typical lag between various integrations.
  5. User-Friendly: Client designers needed the simplicity of a visual CMS with a WSIWG interface for easy content updates.
  6. Affordable: Advanced animations and ongoing security updates often require significant programming cost. We needed a new CMS that offered a new breed of technology.


Today, Webflow is being used by many innovation leaders in the tech-space –- including DropBox, Dell, Prudential, and Amazon. And, Lear has led the way to become one of the 40 enterprise partners with Webflow, inspiring updates to the platform itself, and a new solution for innovators who want to move at the speed of trust.

After significant research, Webflow had proven itself as the only CMS platform that could fit the bill for this nearly impossible set of technology requirements.

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