WORLD’S FIRST crowd created MOVIE TRAILER powered BY AI

The Why

If you want to understand a culture, listen to its stories. If you want to change culture, change its stories. This powerful axiom was the mantra for the crowdfund at WeGo.One.

Building a movie studio that would give the power to the people, we joined them in their mission “To Unite a Global Fan-Owned Media Movement for Good.” Under this mission, we helped the crowdfunded movement to become the “World's First Fan-Funded and Fan-Created Movie Studio.”

The Way

Fan obsessed, WeGo.One needed a platform to give fans a voice in a movement. So, we created a crowdfund and an online "crowd creation" community with a Discord channel, powered by AI. Enter the participation age of movie making...

As seen on Fox News, NBC, CBS, PBS, TheWrap, AiThority.com and ARD, the BBC of Germany, the revolution is powered by AI, and happening at WeGo.One. The news traveled to Japan, where DBA and WeGo.One received national attention on the Nippon News Network.

We created a website and a co-creation community, where co-creators can pick a project in which to invest. They can join the community and get exclusive behind the scenes privileges, including free access to a forum where they can co-create.

The Work

Millions of Organic Engagements

Starting with the movie "Calculated," based on a popular book written by Nova McBee and being adopted by Ann Peacock, screenwriter for "Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe," the following video was launched by the crowd with support from hundreds of investors and crowd creation members.

Half of the content in this trailer was produced using artificial intelligence that was developed and trained by the crowd. The crowd creation members went as far to cast AI characters, art direct styles and scenes, offering a consistency of look and character design.

Although the script was written by celebrated humans, the AI partnered with the crowd to implement the designs for the lookbook, storyboards and trailer for the movie.

Services Completed:


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